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Waterproof Luxury Vinyl

Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring

At Whitmore Carpet One Floor & Home, we strive to provide the region with the best in flooring technology. Waterproof vinyl floors are one of our favorite options on the market. Luxury vinyl looks just like natural hardwood, tile, and stone, but it’s synthetic, durable, and affordable. Unlike tile and hardwood, LV floors are also easy to install, and they never need to be refinished, buffed, or re-grouted.



What Makes Vinyl Waterproof

Waterproof luxury vinyl provides an additional level of protection over water-resistant floors. It has a completely non-porous surface that’s quick-drying and won’t allow spills and puddles to seep through. We also install our waterproof vinyl planks and tiles with leak-tight seams that will protect your subfloor. Lastly, a rigid core structure in many of our vinyl collections keeps the floor from swelling and expanding in humid conditions, which can result in the floor warping and peeling.



Where Can Waterproof Floors Be Installed?

When it comes to our favorite waterproof luxury vinyl brands, including our exclusive Invincible™ H20 collection, you can install your new floors in any room of your home or business. They’re tough enough to handle bathrooms and kitchens, and stylish enough to go in bedrooms, living rooms, and home offices. We also offer commercial vinyl planks and tiles that are ideal for downtown shops, restaurants, hospitality businesses, offices, and many other settings.


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